Body Mods:

Aileron mod
Author: clément livolsi
Author Email: clément's email
Specs: Unknown
Material Required: Paper Stock
Downloads available:
Notes: Clément from France has come up with this stability mod for the Z. Nice graphics clément!

Body Building Methods
Author: Cpt.Krunch
Author Email: Cpt.Krunch at RCGroups
Specs: Unknown
Material Required: Dupron or Zepron
Downloads available:
Notes: Racerx asked for a tutorial on building the bodies for a Picoo so here is my cheesy method. If you are spartan with the glue and sand the body thin, these are as light or lighter than stock. Start with 1mm Zepron, you can get a sheet at Dairy Queen. You also could use Depron or use the foam from a meat tray with the outer surface sanded off for weight savings. Draw an out line of the chopper you wish to build on the Zepron sheet, mapping out all the original choppers dimensions. Cut the foam and then make a strip for the bottom (the floor) and one for the top. I bent the top strip of foam to fit the contour of the heli. Glue with foam safe CA or Foam adhesive but use it lightly. Once the frame is all together, just sand to shape and decide if you want skids or gear. The skids you see in the pic are carbon rod and Depron. Now you should have a new little body ready for a magic marker paint job. Enjoy! By the way, the News chopper is fastest but the big "Acme Tours" is by far the best flyer.

Cheap Weight Mod
Author: WaterDog
Author Email: WaterDog at RCGroups
Specs: Forward Flight Modification
Material Required: Lead pellet "Sampler"
Downloads available:
Notes: Don't know if this has been covered before, but a friend used a lead airgun pellet for ballast and thought is was a great idea. So, head on down to Wally world or Sports Authority and pick up a Lead pellet "Sampler". It will have varied weights and types to experiment with. Use light ones for close quarters and heavier ones for speed. I'd recommend the .177 size sampler. The .22 size is shown but are for speed. Crosman also has a light aluminum .177 for fine tuning. Looks better not having the tack sticking out of the nose too.

Easy EPP Canard Wing Mod
Author: MrFlash
Author Email: MrFlash at RCGroups
Specs: Epp canard addition
Material Required: EPP foam
Downloads available:
Notes: Easy EPP canard wing mod to keep the nose down for forward flight. Super stable, blip the throttle gets the nose down and yer away

Forward Flight Tail Boom Mod
Author: melcrose
Author Email: Melcrose at RCGroups
Specs: Forward Flight Modification
Material Required: None
Downloads available:

Hammerhead Canard mod
Author: TheBender
Author Email: TheBender at RCGroups
Specs: Epp canard addition
Material Required: EPP or Depron Foam
Downloads available:
Notes: Another Canard addition for forward flight.

Hammerhead Mod
Author: lezard
Author Email: lezard at RCGroups
Specs: Forward Flight Modification
Material Required: Paper Stock
Downloads available:
Notes: On PicooZ Toolbox , there are plenty of amazing mods. The most interesting ones are those that use the rotor wind power to inclinate the PicooZ and get more forward Thrust. I've made a summary of those mods on the attachments.

I've choosen to try the Hammerhead mod, but I modified it a little to make it easy to do by everyone really simply. No need to cut, glue, use EEP etc... A single piece of paper is an excellent choice. Just use scissors to make it in a sheet of paper then use a thin piece of tape to hold it under the body of the little bird. See the pictures on the attachments.

Also I did a drawing, using PAINT, I let it in .bmp so everybody can modify it.

PiccoZ Skins
Author: rcnyc78
Author Email: rcnyc78 at RCGroups
Specs: Apply your own skins to the Z
Material Required: Paper Stock
Downloads available:
Notes: rcnyc78 has created some skins for the PiccoZ. Here is what he has to say "For those of you with DHL envy (like me) you can now print these "skins" and get a little closer to that DHL PZ only available in Germany."

PicooZ/Havoc Component Placement
Author: Neurotex
Author Email: Neurotex at RC Universe
Specs: Depicts component placement
Material Required: N/A
Downloads available:
Notes: Neurotex had created this drawing to help in him build and to locate parts placement in the Havoc/Z. Thanks Neurotex for sharing this great drawing!

Rod Flames V1
Author: tobu
Author Email: Tobu at
Specs: Unknown
Material Required: Paper Stock
Downloads available:
Notes: Tobu made a couple of printable picooZ decal sets (sides, tail, fin) in pdf format to dress up your Z!

Author: MegaTesla
Author Email: MegaTesla at RCGroups
Specs: Scoop canopy
Material Required: Black 220gsm paper
Downloads available:
Notes: Scoop canopy to help forward flight. The PDF link was used to contain the other shot of the canopy.

Side Graphics
Author: Solarsail
Author Email: Solarsail at RCGroups
Specs: Body Graphics for your Z
Material Required: Paper Stock
Downloads available:
Notes: Some very nice side graphics for your Z!

Spoiler Mod
Author: Barend van den Berg
Author Email: Barend van den Berg's email
Specs: Forward Flight Modification
Material Required: EPP or Depron
Downloads available:
Notes: Spoiler addition for better forward flight. Check out the authors web site for details CLICK HERE

Spoiler Mod 2
Author: cci[RR]us
Author Email: cci[RR]us's email
Specs: Forward Flight Modification
Material Required: Plastic from PiccoZ box
Downloads available:
Notes: Spoiler addition for better forward flight

Straight Flight Mod
Author: MartinT
Author Email: MartinT at RCGroups
Specs: Unknown
Material Required: Tape, hammer head mod.
Downloads available:
Notes: Here's my contribution, A small yet "priceless" mod to make the heli fly in a real straight line. It is supposed to be used together with the existing excellent hammerhead mod, in order to facillitate forward flight. My mod simply consists of a small piece of (folded) scotch tape taped on the tail boom, then cut to shape, so as to effectively double the area of the existing vertical tail. With this mod (together with the hammerhead) you'll see that once trimmed it is possible to let the heli fly in a perfect (and I mean: PERFECT!) straight line!!!

Super Slim
Author: tobu
Author Email: Tobu at
Specs: 8g AUW
Material Required: transparent plastic from food package
Downloads available:
Notes: Tobu latest, the "SuperSlim". Here is what he has to say about its construction:
Had a new go on the picooZ - this time it's all about weight loss and simplicity.
The body width is about 1/3rd of the original, giving it way more upward lift - so I called it SuperSlim.
AUW is 8 grams (wooot? yes :) ), using only some transparent plastic from a food package and some film tape.
Think it flies better than ever - responds very accurately,climbs even on the lowest throttle and keeps
climbing until the LiPo saver cuts off.I have ball bearings in there so can't tell about regular flight time,
but I get it to fly around 12 minutes now from a full charge; could only get 7 or 8 mins with the standard body on.
Could also be done using light cardboard with some nice prints on it instead, maybe I'll design some patterns for it soon.

Tail Boom Mod
Author: Martyn McKinney
Author Email: Martyn McKinney at RCGroups
Specs: Flight Stabilization
Material Required: Clear Tape
Downloads available:
Notes: I recently bought 2 Picoos. One, I left stock.
The other, I lightened by removing the plastic gear covers and most importantly the paper decal covering the tailboom.
I noticed that this modified heli behaved differently from the stock one. When I would start a turn, the heli would keep rotating and I usually would have to apply reverse turn to stop it. Both of my helis originally turned clockwise.
In the instructions, it suggests rotating the tailboom 30 degrees to compensate.

This does 2 things. It reduces the moment from the thrust from the tail rotor and pushes the nose down.I realized that it also compensated for the right hand turn by putting a vane (the original paper tailboom decal) in the rotor's downwash causing a rotation to the left.

As an experiment, I added a Scotch tape extension to the tailboom. What a difference!
Now the heli holds its heading and is much easier to fly.

The extra area of the vertical stabilizer on the tail significantly dampens the yaw.

I thought I would pass this information on so that others might expand on it.

Tail Boom Mod #2 (Leadfeather Mod)
Author: leadfeather
Author Email: leadfeather at RCGroups
Specs: Flight Stabilization
Material Required: Clear Tape
Downloads available:
Notes: I have tried many mods to my PZ as you can see in the attached picture. At one point I removed the tail fin surfaces. This made the PZ very unstable in yaw. The first two minutes of flight on a fresh battery were uncontrollable. I was always way over controlling in one direction or the other...good thing this is a tough little chopper. I then replaced the tailfeathers with a larger fin than original made with clear packaging tape. the new "fin" is the full length of the tail boom and is about 3/4" high.. It is now flying the best ever with steady predictable turns in both directions even at the start of a freshly charged flight.

Tail Fin Mod
Author: MegaByte-2
Author Email: MegaByte-2 at RCGroups
Specs: Helps Heli Flight
Material Required: Paper, glue and CF
Downloads available:
Notes: I call this the leadfeather/frostick fin. Since leadfeather was the first post I saw with a 3/4" clear tape strip on the tailboom and the full rotor is exposed for efficiency as Peter mentioned. It prints full size using MS Paint so you can change colors, add clipart things to it . It is very stable. Just print and use stationary type rubber cement along one side of the tail boom and align up the first side. Then just glue the second one to the first. Thats it!

The second picture is a standard type CF landing gear. This is for the guys that dont want to flip the motor over to the top. I had bad luck trying to make palomo's little piece for the boom mount points. I think his was woven. My CF strip has all the threads parallel. Drill 2 small holes in it and try to trim it off the main peice ,,,,it splits. Next tried just a "butt joint" using CA. Nope, kept popping loose. Finally butt jointed it using a drop of UHU Por Creative. That holds great. The front 2 Cf rods are glued to the back of the Rx mount towards the motor as close as possible. Watch for glue to creep towards the RX "clip".
It can be easily trimmed away when dry. If not, the Rx wont go all the way on the clips. The rear is just glued with a small drop on the bottom of the tail boom abt 1/4" behind the rotor mast. The 4 legs are .030" and the runners are .070" CF. Still need to put the "tips" on.
Putting the Z upside in a 3rd hand to hold it works great.

The body in the pic is very quiet, but should have been yellow. What a lemon! I'll save that for another posting.

Tape Mod
Author: saabguyspg
Author Email: saabguyspg at RCGroups
Specs: Tape mod
Material Required: Stock clear tape
Downloads available:
Notes: Tape applied to nose of PiccoZ helps with forward flight also.

Trombone (Paperclip) mod
Author: stephamag
Author Email: stephamag at RCGroups
Specs: Landing Gear Mod
Material Required: 2 Paper Clips
Downloads available:
Notes: My mod is the "Trombon'mod" because i used "trombones" (paper clips) as you can see. Now the picco-z is lighter and flys faster. Here is how to do it:
Removed the wings and bent the two paper clips as shown. Join the paper clips together with shrink tubing. Cut a piece of Depron (6mm thick) to fit where the fins were. Place the paperclip gear against the bottom of the Z, and hot glue the Depron over the paperclips, to hold them in place.

Winter Camo Apache
Author: tobu
Author Email: Tobu at
Specs: Unknown
Material Required: Foam Core / Paper Stock
Downloads available:
Notes: I've been asked so many times to make new paint schemes, so I finally mapped the 2D plan back onto the 3d Model to be able to directly paint camo onto it - without worrying whether edges of separate parts fitting or not - auto perfection now :)

First new version now is winter camo, hope ya like it. Make sure to have NO SCALING enabled when printing the PDF. There is a pic of the foam core and its dimensional plan.