Hop-ups - Transmitter Mods::

AC Power Mod #1
Author: VPV
Author Email: VPV at RCGroups
Specs: Saves on batteries
Material Required: Charge Jack, Resistors
Downloads available:
Notes: Well, I finally got around to modifying the Tx to accept AC power. First, I added the jack with no resistors. Set my wallwart to 9V and plugged it in. Nothing....Then, I added the 2 resistors as jtspin suggested and SUCCESS! With the resistors the Tx powers up and charges just fine. The only drawback (and it's a minor one) is the limited freedom of movement. Can't walk behind the Picco as I fly through the house...

AC Power Mod #2
Author: Bluetwo
Author Email: Bluetwo at RCGroups
Specs: Saves on batteries
Material Required: Charge Jack, Resistors
Downloads available:
Notes: Please note it is about as simple as they come, various enhancements could be made, adding a 4.5 v tap, voltage regulator to allow connection to a car socket etc. I have been running it about 3 months now, no problems so far. Sorry it is a bit of a large file, but you can zoom in on the image to the bit you want.

Air Hogs Havoc Heli AC / Battery mod
Author: swedishlf
Author Email: swedishlf at RCGroups
Specs: Adds to battery life by using AC supply
Material Required: Slide switch, AC adapter, connector
Downloads available:
Notes: Swedishlf mod lets you choose between AC and battery power, so you can save batteries but still fly when AC power is not available with full freedom of motion.

Extra Battery Mod
Author: Wilmer
Author Email: Wilmer's Email
Specs: Adds additional battery holder
Material Required: RS AA Battery holder
Downloads available:
Notes: Here's a mod to the transmitter to use AA rechargeables. These batteries are1.2V instead of 1.5V (regular). So, I added a seventh battery in series to raise the voltage to 8.2V for charging. The battery holder (Radio Shack 270-401) is a perfect match and almost looks like it belongs there. I sanded the surfaces and used epoxy glue. Two connections need to be soldered. To use the regular cells, just place a jumper in the new holder.

NiMh Tx Mod with AC Power Mod
Author: mrasmm
Author Email: mrasmm at RCGroups
Specs: Mod to allow you to use NiMh Rechargables and AC supply cord
Material Required: RS AA Battery holder, AC adapter, connector
Downloads available:
Notes: This mod allows you to make your picco Tx able to plug into the wall instead of run your batteries down. It also allows you to use rechargeable NiMh batteries, instead of standard alkaline batteries, by the additional of the holder for the extra cell which is required.

Power Station Mod
Author: Pierre.M
Author Email: Pierre's email
Specs: Enables you to use both AC adapter and 9V type batteries
Material Required: Wire, LR9 plug, jack
Downloads available:
Notes: This (mod) allows the Tx to be plugged on a AC-DC adaptator. This also allow you to switch between the original battery or a 6LR61 battery .

Throttle Spring Mod
Author: Racerx208
Author Email: Racerx208 at RCGroups
Specs: Allows throttle stick not to snap back
Material Required: None
Downloads available:
Notes: This mod allows you to maintain a throttle position on the transmitter without having to constantly hold the stick.

Thumb Saver
Author: jetpack
Author Email: jetpack at RCGroups
Specs: Flying with style....
Material Required: PVC Screw Thread Protectors
Downloads available:
Notes: Added PVC Screw Thread Protectors from the hardware store for stick grips. Gets rid of the black thumb syndrome, and adds comfort and style.